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Unifying the User for Marketing Attribution

FIRM FIXED IDEAS Unifying UserMarketing AttributionGoogle Data Studio How to unify marketing insights from silos of data so you have a complete picture of the customer journey. To unify the user for marketing attribution requires a unique identifier across the...

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The Right Way to Use UTM Parameters

If you are not using UTM’s in your marketing links… get on it! If you are, use this as a refresher to ensure that you are efficiently using UTM’s the right way. I say right way, but what I am about to share is the best practices for using them in any marketing plan.
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Marketing 101 – Saturation

The important concept behind marketing saturation is entropy. Entropy is the phenomenon of natural decay or a decline over time. Just like in marketing, all of the business activities will slowly perform worse and worse, on average. Usually saturation follows a normal distribution; once it hits its peak it undergoes an entropy and will constantly decline. The more frequently someone is hit with the same message, after a point, it will preform worse and worse.
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Marketing 101 – Position and Perceptual Mapping

One of the issues that crops up in every organization is when everyone has different priorities for tasks and views the weights attached to those tasks differently. Unity is when everyone has a somewhat uniform perspective within the company at any given time. Meetings are held to unify us, special events, group activities, projects, inter-department meet ups, it’s all been strategically created with the goal of unifying everyone.
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