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The Best Marketing Resources from 2017

To start, you need a goal or an objective of what you would like to learn. Narrowing that simple answer down can seem overwhelming. My advice is to step into the realm of your best customers and write down all the ideas you have for persuading that kind of person.

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Careers in Marketing

Marketing careers can be broken down into the categories similar to the way I’ve organized my blog: acquisition, content, and monetization. As much one may want to lump sales into marketing I will not be including sales. What I will be including are modern careers from a snapshot of the jobs market that currently exists.

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The Best Google Marketing Tools from 2017

I want to highlight my favorite marketing tools that I believe will help marketers and companies make an impact in their market share for the coming year. My suggestions for tools will be based on my own experiences (pros and cons) of using the tools for various companies in various industries.

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Marketing 101 – Create A Marketing Plan

The only pre-step in approaching the creation of your own marketing plan is to clearly define specific goals that your company wants to achieve by a specific time. I’ve said it many times here and I will keep saying it – you need to be specific. The marketing plan isn’t just for the marketing team, it’s for everyone within the company to consider and to identify their role in achieving the goals. One other final consideration before I outline the marketing plan is that every goal must be measurable.

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